General Meeting
Alberto Amorim Pereira
Deputy-Chairman: Maria de Lurdes Correia de Castro, in representation of DGTF
Secretary: Sofia Costa

Supervisory Board
Chairman: Miguel Cruz, in representation of IAPMEI
Representantion of AICEP Portugal Global
João Cotrim de Figueiredo, in representation of Turismo de Portugal
Maria João Pessoa de Araújo, in representation of DGTF
Miguel Maya, in representation of Millennium BCP
Marco Neves, in representation of Banco Espírito Santo
Maria Isabel Correia de Lacerda, in representation of Banco BPI
Carlos de Castro, in representation of PME Investimentos

Board of Directors
Chairman & CEO: José Epifânio da Franca
Deputy-Chairman: Luís Filipe Lopes
Member: Teresa Gameiro Fernandes

Statutory Auditor
Effective: António Monteiro de Magalhães (ROC N.º 179), in representation of António Magalhães e Carlos Santos, SROC (SROC N.º 53)
Alternate: Guy Alberto Fernandes de Poças Falcão (ROC N.º 179), in representation of Álvaro Falcão e Associados, SROC (SROC N.º 222)
External Auditors: BDO & Associados, SROC, Lda.

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