Portugal Ventures manages several expansion and internationalisation private equity funds that are geared towards investing in growth and scale-up projects, as well to increase the competitiveness of Portuguese companies in external markets.

Expansion and Internationalization target companies:

  • Companies with a solid market position, strong growth potential in global markets and a sustainable business model.
  • Companies which have competent management and a committed team, with a clear vision of the company's future and relevant financial involvement.
  • Leading Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), certified as such by IAPMEI.


  • Projects which have at least 2 full years of active business operations and which already have production/marketing of its products underway or established companies with either expansion, operational streamline or competitiveness improvement projects.
  • Projects which have a predominant impact in the Portuguese territory as well as a relevant export component.
  • Projects with added economic value and solid financial returns.
  • Projects which are, preferably, syndicated by other venture capitalists and/or 'business angels' investors.

Evaluation process:

  • Evaluation of go-to-market Business plans and other key elements such as technological feasibility and market readiness studies.
  • An assessment is made by Portugal Ventures supported by both national and international expert advisors.

Some funds managed by Portugal Ventures are backed by the European Union through FINOVA and COMPETE, such as the Internationalisation Fund.

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