Portugal Ventures manages several Venture Capital Funds focused on seed projects, with a clear application and market-oriented focus based on state-of-the-art scientific and technological foundations stemming from National Laboratories, Research Centres and Universities.

Seed target companies:

  • Leading Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), certified as such by IAPMEI, in their initial phase of development. Target sectors include industry, energy, resources, tourism, transportation/logistics and services.


  • Projects which promote the generation and exploitation of assets based on trademarks, patents and other forms of intellectual property resulting from scientific and technological R&D Centres, such as National laboratories and Universities.
  • Projects with high growth potential in large global markets (above €1Bn) and which have a solid foundation in technology and engineering.

Evaluation process:

  • Evaluation of go-to-market Business Plans and other key elements such as technological feasibility and market readiness studies.
  • An assessment is made by Portugal Ventures, supported by both national and international expert advisors.
  • A maximum investment amount of up to €200,000 per company.

Some Seed phase funds managed by Portugal Ventures are backed by the European Union through FINOVA, COMPETE and POR LISBOA, such as the ACTec II Fund.

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