Portugal Ventures seeks to comply with the best practices established with regard to good governance and, as such, has adopted a Two-tier Governance Model with the following Corporate Bodies: General Assembly, Supervisory Board, Board of Directors and Statutory Auditor.

Portugal Ventures has a solid commitment to being accountable to all Shareholders and Stakeholders in general, by means of a clear strategy that creates a sustainable footing to face new challenges and build a successful long-term future. Portugal Ventures assumes its responsibility as an investor guided by the best international industry standards.

The Executive Board has adopted, and actively promotes, Corporate Values and the highest standards which set out the behaviour expected of the staff in their dealings with all entities and people who engage with Portugal Ventures:

· Accountability
· Responsibility
· Excellence
· Integrity
· Transparency
· Fairness
· Ambition
· Perseverance

For Portugal Ventures, corporate governance also means complying with the Portuguese Principles of Good Governance of Public Companies as approved by Decree-Law 133/2013, dated 3rd October. More detailed public information on Portugal Ventures can be viewed at (website of Directorate General of Treasury and Finance of the Portuguese Ministry of Finance).

Further information in Portugal Ventures' 2013 Annual Management Report and Financial Statements, and its Code of Conduct (in Portuguese).

2012 Annual Management Report and Financial Statements

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