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“Indústria 4.0 – Economia Digital” Launch Event, “Proudly powered by Portugal Ventures”
On 30th January (Monday), in Leiria, success stories will be presented as well as the measures that make up one of the most innovative Programmes for the Portuguese industry, the "Indústria 4.0 – Economia Digital" Programme.
Portugal Ventures joined the event with its “Proudly powered by Portugal Ventures” initiative, through which products and services from six of its portfolio companies will be presented - - MICE Molds, Omniflow  proGrow, JiTT.Travel, B-Guest and GuestU.
About the companies:
MICE Molds and Injected Components Engineering is a spin-off of the University of Porto, which has developed a new RIM technology that allows MICE to have a strong competitive advantage in manufacturing small to medium series thermosetting parts, including composite materials. 
JiTT.Travel, considered by Tripper to be one of the best startups, present at the 2016 #WebSummit, is the first marketplace aggregator of city guides that also allows user-generated content to be shared.
Omniflow is the creator and manufacturer of a groundbreaking omnidirectional wind turbine with additional solar power capability and additional service layers such as lighting and communications.
B-Guest is a platform that allows any hotel to communicate with its guests, prior, during and after their stay, through multichannel communication, by means of an automated and intelligent algorithm, with the goal of up-selling their outlets as well as getting better reviews on social media.
proGrow is a web production management platform that has its roots in the industrial world and aims to help manufacturing plants produce more, using less resources, enabling the collection, monitoring and management of production data on continuous improvement methodologies.
Guest-U provides an innovative mobile, cloud-based solution that enables Hotels & Hostels to offer a unique and fully personalised mobile pocket concierge to their guests.
All of the stands  of the companies backed by Portugal Ventures backed companies stands will be located at Laboratório Tecnologia Mecânica (Building A,  Floor 0).
To learn more about this event and register, click here.