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Portugal and Europe, at your fingertips
With the purpose of publicising Pordata and raising awareness on the importance of statistics in understanding Portuguese society, the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation has created the “Conhecer a Pordata” Course, in collaboration with SABE Online. This course is 100% online, free, and teaches attendees how to navigate the go-to reference database for statistical information on Portugal, in an easy and agile way.
After having trained almost fifty thousand students, journalists, teachers and professionals in various locations across the country, the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation is now launching its online PORDATA ACADEMY project.
Intent on sharing information with a wider audience, the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundations has created the online “Conhecer a Pordata” course. Aimed at students and teachers, companies, schools, universities, and professionals in the communications industry, this course is incredibly dynamic and practical and teaches attendees not only how to navigate the Pordata site, but also how to interpret the data in the correct manner. After completing the course, anyone will be able to make the most of this Contemporary Portugal Database and of all the query and analysis tools. Consequently, having a better understanding of the country and its surroundings is in everyone's reach.
Pordata is a platform that brings together important and scientific data in different multimedia and interactive formats. Freely accessible and based exclusively on official sources, Pordata has been asserting itself as an indispensable tool in the interpretation and analysis of society, which provides accurate and impartial statistical data on various issues that are a part of the present-day reality of our country. In accordance with its mission, “free and easy access to information is not enough to develop critical thinking and foster knowledge. It is essential that people have access to quality, accurate and credible information. That they are able to interpret it, to turn it into knowledge to, ultimately, be able to apply it to their everyday lives”. It was with this in mind that Pordata produced this content which will, most certainly, contribute to bringing society closer to the knowledge obtained from these statistics. 
The “Conhecer a Pordata” course is the result of a partnership with SABE Online, a company that digitally promotes knowledge and the development of personal and professional skills. “Collaborating on the digitalisation of the Pordata Academy has been a privilege and something that gives us a sense of accomplishment. Actively contributing to the greater sharing of and access to knowledge is contributing to the development and innovation of society. This commitment is much more than just our daily goal: it is what drives us!”, says Ana Macedo, Editorial Manager at SABE Online.
The “Conhecer a Pordata” course is available at http://www.pordata.pt/Academia/Formacao+Online
About the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation 
Founded in 2009 by the descendants of Francisco Manuel dos Santos, pursuant to its Articles of Association, the Foundation's primordial purpose is to promote and improve awareness of the present-day reality of Portugal, seeking in this way to contribute to the development of society, to reinforce the rights of its citizens and to improve public institutions.
The Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation's activity is guided by the principles of human dignity and social solidarity, and by democratic values, of liberty, equality of opportunity, merit and pluralism. As such, the Foundation thinks, studies and contributes to the improved awareness of the present-day reality of Portugal.
Its purpose is to participate in the effort to solve society's problems, for the benefit of the Portuguese people. In order to achieve this goal, the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation promotes studies, research and other initiatives which, by abiding by the highest standards of scientific rigour and quality, allow for a better understanding of present-day reality, provide concrete solutions and recommendations for decision-makers, deepen the debate on major national problems and contribute towards justice, for the development and strengthening of social cohesion.
About Pordata
Pordata is the Contemporary Portugal Database, with official statistics on the country, its municipalities and Europe.  Elaborated by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, this project embodies its mission by promoting studies, knowledge, information and public debate. It is divided into a wide range of issues such as population, health, education, the economy, among many others. Pordata is free and provides all citizens accurate and impartial statistical data. 
For more information, visit: www.ffms.pt or www.pordata.pt
About SABE Online
SABE Online is a producer, publisher and distributor of online learning content, offering an integrated technology and learning content solution which enables companies to create high-quality digital knowledge, as well as distribute and monitor it. Companies choose SABE Online both for its solutions to train their employees as well as, increasingly, for its digital solutions to train their business partners. Founded in 2014, SABE Online began its activity in the Iberian market, where it already has a strong customer base, including many of the major Portuguese companies.
For more information, visit: www.sabe-online.com.
Lisbon, 17th October 2016