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Portugal Ventures backs automation of livestock farms by investing in Farmcontrol
Farmcontrol, which is now part of the Portugal Ventures portfolio, develops integrated hardware and software solutions for the real-time measurement, monitoring and control of the main variables that influence farm production, thereby optimising the economic impact of productivity and associated costs. With reports and timely action after receiving notifications, the producer can assess and improve parameters such as feeding, water consumption and energy costs.
The company aims to use the funds raised in this investment round to bolster the development of flexible software and hardware solutions, R&D of new technologies, namely big data and machine learning, and leverage its presence in international markets.
“(...)Just like any start-up, we’ve been “learning the ropes” to find our way forward and stabilise our roadmap, and the recognition and validation we've received from the market is noteworthy. We were just recently one of ten companies worldwide to be selected by the NUTRECO FEED TECH Challenge to demonstrate the impact we’ve had on the optimisation of livestock farms. We needed a new experienced and professional partner in this new round, but also one that was close by. That’s way Portugal Ventures is the perfect fit and its investment is a key step for the project. (...)”, say the founders of Farmcontrol, António Correia and Fernando Carvalho.
Celso Guedes de Carvalho, CEO of Portugal Ventures, stresses that “the team's experience and the commercial validation it has already got, with the integration of over 100 farms in 6 different countries, was key in our decision to invest”.