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Portugal Ventures invests in UNUA
UNUA GLOBAL is the latest Portuguese start-up to be selected for investment by Portugal Ventures.
UNUA GLOBAL- “The leading global company of made-to-measure and customised garments for fashion retailers and brands” – is based on a mass personalisation business model consisting of an integrated Made-to-Measure offer for retailers and international brands, focusing mainly on men's apparel, namely suits, blazers, trousers, shirts, shoes, ties, glasses, amongst others. Its development will be supported by the experience and capacity of the traditional Portuguese clothing and footwear industry, which is among the best in the world, together with the most modern information technologies.
Its activity will be entirely driven by an innovative, integrated, multi-device and multi-channel information system (“MTM in a Box”), to support sales to the end consumer and to manage and monitor unit orders throughout the cycle, made available in the Cloud to its customers and suppliers.
"Portugal Ventures’ participation with Seed Capital in a critical phase of the company's development is key to providing it with the necessary resources for rapid development, in line with its ambitious objectives. The product’s technological development and improvement will be financed by this investment, which is the initial stepping stone, essential for the realisation of our vision. The importance of Portugal Ventures’ investment in this initial phase of the project is more than just the financial participation - the trust placed in our project gives the team an extra boost of motivation and responsibility, vital for success”,  said Mário Gaspar, CEO of UNUA.
Portugal Ventures’ CEO, Celso Guedes de Carvalho stated that "This investment is a result of Portugal Ventures' commitment to start-ups with global ambition and, in this case, with an important contribution to make to the modernisation and promotion of the Portuguese industry, and UNUA will improve its product and introduce into the market a more robust tool with the necessary resources for it to be considered a reference in its sector”. 
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