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Global Connections

With the purpose of supporting the development and acceleration of Portuguese start-ups, by opening up the doors to the world, Portugal Ventures has established accelerators in the most dynamic hubs in the world. 

Located at Runway, San Francisco, in the world’s largest innovation pole, companies will have the opportunity to connect with all players in the ecosystem; serial entrepreneurs, start-ups, established companies, venture capitalists and business angels, with great investment track records, thus generating new contact networks and obtaining business feedback that will enable them to understand what they should focus on and which steps they can skip in order to grow faster than the competition in a global world.
Portugal Ventures In the Bay
Runway, San Francisco
Located at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), in a leading innovation area, surrounded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard, and considered the world’s largest bio-cluster, Portuguese start-ups will be able to immerse themselves in the cultural environment of Kendall Square and CIC, leveraging the vast presence of world-class start-ups in its ecosystem, and capturing the strong drive for entrepreneurship that is engrained in the MIT culture.
Portugal Ventures in Boston
Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)
Located at the Betahaus and in partnership with Leonhard Ventures, this Portugal Ventures’ hub is in the heart of Berlin’s start-up ecosystem, in a leading innovation area, that allows Portugal Ventures to access a relevant network of scientific, business and investor entities that will benefit Portugal Ventures’ portfolio companies, which will have the chance to seek out opportunities in German speaking countries and in Central Europe.
Portugal Ventures in Berlin
In partnership with Beacon Capital, Portugal Ventures has established a centre in London. Formerly Angel Lab, Beacon Capital is a VC firm located in London that invests in tech-based start-ups and has an excellent background in the British capital’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. Beacon Capital will advise Portugal Ventures’ companies on strategy to scale up through London’s rapidly growing technology hub, including building local teams and establishing contacts with potential clients, partners and suppliers.
Portugal Ventures in London
Located in Austin, Portugal Ventures has teamed up with the Portuguese Foundation For Science and Technology (FCT) to promote the international acceleration of its portfolio companies. FCT established and actively supports the Global Startup Program of The University of Texas at Austin, UT Austin.
Global Start-up Program
University of Texas, Austin