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Industry 4.0
Investing in industrial modernisation and globalisation 
The Industry 4.0 Call is Portugal Ventures’ new investment programme aimed at entrepreneurs and companies with the purpose of promoting the creation of business and university start-ups and spin-offs within the Industry 4.0 concept, thus contributing in accelerating the development and modernisation of the domestic industry, making it more productive and prosperous, efficient, flexible and globally competitive.
Industry 4.0:
Through the increasing digitalization of the processes of creation, management and production, the Industry 4.0 concept defines higher levels of interconnectivity and control of the entire value chain of the products, in order to meet the growing individualisation of the global markets (just in time customization) and enable the generation of greater added value.
It is within this context that the new Industry 4.0 Call investment programme shall promote:
  • New developments geared toward virtualisation, integration and optimisation of global, horizontal and vertical value chains, namely with the integration, both upstream and downstream, of consumers/clients and suppliers in the conception, development and production processes;
  • The definition and management of new value chains virtually integrated with increased levels of specialisation in the many layers that they are made up of, including the end-of-life product management phases;
  • Increasing digitalisation of the processes of creation, production and interconnectivity of equipment, solutions and services through the mass use of concepts, materials and devices, architectures and systems and software applications in the space of the internet of things and the incorporation of advanced manufacturing technologies;
  • New business models in the knowledge economy which enable a significant increase in value for companies and customers, namely through customised solutions.
Industry 4.0 Call
Main objectives:
  • To make the globally emerging 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) a reference for the change, the modernisation and the global competitiveness of the domestic industry;
  • To accelerate the creation of new business realities based on applied and internationally competitive innovation, supported by strong multidisciplinary management focused particularly on the internationalization of its commercial capability;
  • To mobilise the national business and scientific community, encouraging cooperation between entrepreneurs, R&D centres and companies.
Benefits for the Promoters:
  • Based on a solid and credible business development plan, Portugal Ventures may invest up to 500,000€ (indicatively), in a preferable minority participation, the funds being paid in tranches upon fulfilment of the established milestones;
  • Valorisation of Intellectual Property and Proprietary Knowledge;
  • Monitoring by experts, national and international, of the business projects funded by Portugal Ventures;
  • The projects selected for investment shall have the opportunity to be incubated and accelerated at global innovation hubs, in the USA and in Europe.

For more information, read the RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE CALL i4.0 and the SUBMISSION FORM.