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+Innovation +Industry
Submissions run until 15th January 2015!
Submissions run until 15th January 2015!

Investing to stimulate industrial innovation:

+Innovation +Industry is Portugal Ventures' new investment programme aimed at companies and entrepreneurs in the more traditional sectors of the national economy, with the purpose of promoting business spin-offs and the innovation capacity of SMEs in order to meet the challenges the nation's industry faces and make it more global and competitive.

Main objectives:

  • Creation of new business realities based on applied innovation, coupled with managerial and commercial capabilities
  • Increase the competitiveness of the nation's industry by creating new equipment, products and services for global markets
  • Increase the innovation capacity of the nation's industry in the more traditional sectors in order to allow progression in industrial value chains
  • Strengthen the connection between entrepreneurs, R&D centres and companies in the more traditional Portuguese industrial sectors

Benefits for the Promoters:

  • Investment by Portugal Ventures of up to 1.5M€ (indicatively), with a minority participation, in tranches and based on a development plan
  • Valorisation of Intellectual Property
  • Monitoring, by experts, of the projects funded by Portugal Ventures
  • The selected projects will have the opportunity to be incubated and accelerated in international innovation hubs.

For more detailed information, see the PRESENTATION OF THE +I +I PROGRAMME (in Portuguese).

Some of the venture capital funds managed by Portugal Ventures are co-financed by the European Union through FINOVA, which is backed by operational programmes COMPETE and POR Lisboa, managed by PME Investimentos.