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Start-ups Pitching

Start-ups that Pitched at Portugal Ventures in Berlin

On 11th June 2015, Portugal Ventures inaugurated its very own acceleration centre established at Betahaus. The launch event was an unique opportunity to network with Portuguese entrepreneurs.
Take a look at the start-ups that pitched at this session:
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Biosurfit develops breakthrough technologies that enable fast, precise and affordable blood analysis, aiming for the key parameters that doctors really want. These proprietary technologies are combined in the spinit® Point of Care Testing unit, a Vision-based blood test system that gives accurate results in 15 minutes. www.biosurfit.com

Bullet Solutions

Is specialised in the development of software that solves combinatorial problems. These solutions allow the transformation of complex processes, such as production scheduling or educational timetabling, into automated and optimised processes. www.bulletsolutions.com

Coimbra Genomics

Coimbra Genomics is focused on the development and commercialisation of clinical decision-support tools based on a patient's whole-genome sequencing. The company also carries out specific R&D projects in areas such as teh genomics of gastric cancer. www.coimbra-genomics.com

Follow Inspiration

Focuses on the development of intelligent systems that can be used in different fields. The company has developed a completely autonomous user tracking technology - wi-GO - that can be applied in various settings, namely industry. The adaptation of this technology to the industrial environment aims to create a differentiated and low-cost product, able to compete with the current solutions available for transporting objects and goods on assembly lines, commonly known as AGVs (automated guided vehicles). www.is2you.eu

Indie Campers

Is an innovative start-up focused on providing smaller and affordable types of campervans for everyone. With an exclusive online method, this business, founded in 2013, aims to revolutionise the way in which travellers explore Europe. Currently with a fleet of 24 vehicles in Portugal and Spain, Indie Campers provides its clients with the opportunity to discover Europe, with functional vehicles that boast a unique design, in a flexible and dynamic way. www.indiecampers.com

Landing Jobs

Landing.jobs is a tech hiring marketplace based on curated candidates and job offers from top startups and tech firms. Built from the ground up to promote transparency, mutual incentives and a human approach to recruitment, Landing.jobs is a platform focused on creating perfect matches between talents and the companies that need them the most. www.landing.jobs

Possible Answer

Possible Answer, founded in June 2014, has developed a fluid and biomaterial technology for the production of a non-Newtonian fluid with high absorption capacity / impact dissipation, which can be applied to a wide range of products, namely in the production of protective equipment (ballistics; sports and personal) and road safety equipment. www.possibleanswer.pt


Processware's platform analyses, monitors and optimises business processes via an innovative scalable solution currently used in catering operations, manufacturing and avionics. www.processware.com.pt


Streambolico develops leading edge solutions for video streaming to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which offer a unique scaling factor, increasing more than 10 times the number of users that can access a video stream through WiFi networks. www.streambolico.com


Treat U is dedicated to the development of targeted nanotechnology-based platforms for the specific delivery of drugs in the field of Oncology. The company's first product, Pegasemp, is a proprietary platform with the ability to simultaneously target tumour cells and the blood vessels that nurture the tumour. www.treatu.pt


Is focused on creating innovative retail solutions. Its debut product is a new mobile shopping concept that will change the way people do their shopping in a retail store, allowing shoppers to checkout a full shopping cart, pay and leave the store in under a minute, while assuring the retailer protection against theft. The system is compatible with the retailers' checkout systems, independent of brand or technology, and available to any shopper with a smartphone. www.xhockware.com

Is an online platform that helps users find the professional they need to carry out the service they require. The Professionals registered on Zaask are evaluated by previous clients, so users know that they are choosing the right Professional for the job, with a good quality/price ratio. www.zaask.pt