The Call For Entrepreneurship is a dynamic and ongoing initiative carried out periodically.

Project Submission
All applications are made through an online platform. Make sure that your project meets the Call requirements. For assistance in this matter as well as in the filling-out of the submission form, it is advisable that you contact one of the Ignition Partners.

Pre-screening Process
After submission, a systematic assessment process begins. The first
step is a pre-screening assessment carried out by Portugal Ventures.

Assessment Panels

The projects selected will be evaluated by multi-disciplinary panels of experts. The evaluation is based on the information given in the application form, as well as on a pitch and Q&A  session. Portugal Ventures may invite other investors to take part in the project assessment process, allowing them access to information about the project.

Project Evaluation by Portugal Ventures
Portugal Ventures will then review the assessment panels' recommendations. Selected projects will be invited to make a second pitch so that Portugal Ventures complements the assessment of the business opportunity and reaches an investment decision.

Contracts will be negotiated and drawn up for the selected projects, and possible co-investors.
Afterwards, the project is ready to receive the investment and to start growing towards global success.

The entire process is done in collaboration with the Ignition Partners Network which supports the entrepreneurs in preparing the application.
For more information, see the RULES AND REGULATIONS.
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