>†6th†January 2014
Pre-Registration for the Sixth†Call For Entrepreneurship

> 27th†January to 27th†February 2014
Submission of projects to the†Sixth Call For Entrepreneurship.

> 6th March to 11th March 2014
Pre-screening of the projects submitted to the Sixth Call For Entrepreneurship.

> 24th March to 27th March 2014
Pitches to the Assessment Panel

> 4th April to 8th April 2014
Assessment by and Pitches to the Board of Directors of Portugal Ventures

> Until 30th June 2014
Conclusion and Investment

Stay tuned for new Calls For Entrepreneurship...

Seventh Call:

> 28th April to 29th May 2014

Eighth Call: 

> 28th July to 4th September 2014

Ninth Call:

> 13th October to 13th November 2014

These are estimated dates, subject to alteration according to the number of projects received.
For more information, see the RULES AND REGULATIONS.

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