The Venture Capital Unit is focused on investing in innovative, scientific and technology-based seed and start-up projects, thus contributing to the transformation of knowledge into economic value and to the creation and development of high-growth potential companies in Portugal.

Our investments in the Seed phase are aimed at projects with a clear application and market-oriented focus, based on state-of-the-art scientific and technological foundations stemming from National Laboratories, Research Centres and Universities. By having a collaborative partnership with the entrepreneurship ecosystem we support all players in seizing the best possible opportunities to put their talent to work.

We work alongside entrepreneurs to build their companies from the ground up, helping them to structure their projects, to identify international markets, to build bridges with potential partners and, especially, in all steps geared toward business growth.

In Venture Capital, we typically act as an institutional investor which syndicates its investments with other Venture Capitalists and Business Angels, and which also has the flexibility to work with and follow-up on the companies’ development as they move through the various stages of their life cycle.

In line with Portugal Ventures’ goals, the Venture Capital team is focused on increasing the deal flow of Seed phase projects in Portugal and on the creation and development of new global and innovative companies.

This model has already helped us to discover pioneering companies such as Science4you, Biosurfit, Kinematix, Omniflow, Luzitin, BiomodeThelial and Abyssal, and to contribute to the development and success of companies such as OutSystems, Berd, C-Side and Guestcentric.

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