Submissions to the Ninth Call For Entrepreneurship ran until 13th November 2014. This edition of the Call continued to show the dynamic established between entrepreneurs and the whole entrepreneurial community with the Call For Entrepreneurship initiative.

With the active engagement of all entrepreneurs and the support of our partners from the Ignition Partners Network, a critical goal is being accomplished: the reinforcement of the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem and improvement of the linkage between entrepreneurs, incubators, global investors and strategic Partners.

Once again the numbers are the best testimony to the enthusiastic response that the Call received: more than 100 registrations on our web-based platform, 47 submitted projects with a total potential investment of 30.2 million euros.

ICT, Electronics & WEB
33 Submissions
24 M€ Funding for Seed Phase    

Life Sciences
2 Submissions
0.9 M€ Funding for Seed Phase

Endogenous Resources, Nanotechnologies and Materials
5 Submissions
2.1 M€ Funding for Seed Phase

Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure 
7 Submissions
3.2 M€ Funding for Seed Phase


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