João Garcia da Fonseca
"Portugal Ventures is backing us with more than just money, they are helping us build our spinit® business, a disruptive system for fast, precise and affordable blood diagnostics."
Miguel Pina Martins
“Since 2008 Portugal Ventures has contributed to completely changing my personal and professional life. The creation of Science4you, with financial support from Portugal Ventures, has allowed me to achieve dreams which otherwise would only have materialised many years from now.”
Shopitur - Hotel Shop
Miguel Paredes Alves
“Portugal Ventures was a strategic choice for the implementation of the HotelShop project for two reasons: to strengthen the company’s equity as well as to strengthen the credibility within the national tourism sector as it was based on Venture Capital connected to the Portuguese Tourism industry.”
Paulo Ferreira dos Santos
“The investment and partnership with Portugal Ventures allowed us to develop a truly international business from the start. Today, Kinematix is a ‘pocket multinational’ with the ability to compete in any global market."
Vila Galé Coimbra
Jorge Rebelo de Almeida
“From our first experience with Portugal Ventures when building the first hotel in Fortaleza, Brazil, to the more recent partnership in the development of the Vila Galé Hotel in Coimbra (opened in April 2010), we have to note the excellent collaboration, commitment and support that we were always given and which exceeded all expectations."
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