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Lisbon, 22 January 2013 - AnubisNetworks, a multinational company specialised in internet security solutions, announced today a new partnership with UOL, one of the largest internet service providers in Brazil, by making the Mail Filtering Engine solution available as an additional mail security solution, and for UOL IP reputation management.

The Mail Filtering Engine is a solution that grants email ecosystems with additional safety mechanisms (such as fingerprinting and IP reputation), in real time, protecting the entire corporate infrastructure with a high performance service.

UOL highlights the following features of the Mail Filtering Engine:

- Reduction of SPAM and Phishing, improving e-mail service;
- Flexibility of implementation and integration with the UOL infrastructure;
- Operation and Maintenance cost reduction.

“With the MFE Integration, we will be more efficient in reducing SPAM and Phishing, while reducing operational costs”, says UOL General Security Manager Nelson Novaes Neto.

“Our partnership with UOL reflects AnubisNetworks’ commitment in new markets such as South America”, says CEO Francisco Fonseca.
AnubisNetworks is a Portugal Ventures portfolio company.
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