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Biosurfit, a Portugal Ventures portfolio company focused on the Point of Care medical diagnostic market, announced today the appointment of Dr. Ian Gilham as Chairman of the Board.

Previously, Dr. Ian Gilham was Chief Executive Officer of Axis-Shield plc, the in-vitro diagnostics company acquired by Alere in November 2011 for €300M.  Whilst at Axis-Shield, Dr. Gilham held the position of Chief Operating Officer and became Chief Executive Officer in January 2008. Prior to its sale to Alere, Axis-Shield’s revenues rose above €120M and the company issued a maiden dividend.  Before joining Axis-Shield, Dr Gilham was VP Pharmacogenetics at GSK where he was responsible for the delivery of pharmacogentic tests, as well as novel diagnostic tests used in targeting GSK’s medicines.  Prior to joining GSK, Dr Gilham held international general management, marketing, business development and R&D positions with Abbott Laboratories, Celltech and Amersham, gaining wide expertise in the fields of pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics. 

Biosurfit developed the spinit® Point of Care Testing (POCT) unit, a Vision-based blood test system that gives accurate results in 15 minutes!  

Using a combination of vision cameras, proprietary software, and easy to use DVD-styled test cartridges, the spinit® takes one small drop of blood and gives precise results within 15 minutes. Compared to similar devices on the market, the spinit® is cost-efficient, fast, accurate, reliable, and uniquely capable of multi-parameter testing. The same spinit® unit will be able to conduct different tests by using different cartridges.

Click in the image to see the spinit® video.

The driving notion behind POCT is to bring the test conveniently and immediately to the patient. This increases the likelihood that the patient, doctor, and care team will receive the results quicker, which allows for immediate clinical management decisions to be made.   

Read the full Press Release from Biosurfit.
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