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Coimbra, 14 February 2013 - According to data from Health Cluster Portugal quoted in "Diário Económico", Bluepharma is ranked fourth largest exporter among the Portuguese pharmaceutical companies. In 2012, the company saw a huge increase in its exports mainly due to the new generic drug it launched in the same year. The new antihypertensive drug has been well received, especially in France where it has acquired 75% of the market share for this type of drug. Bluepharma currently produces drugs for thirty countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Australia and the United States.

Aside from its exporting success, Bluepharma, a Portugal Ventures portfolio company, has also had success on the innovation front. Its antihypertensive drug was developed using a patented manufacturing process and it has recently opened its own R&D Centre. It not only innovates in its manufacturing processes but also in its products and has, for this reason, begun to gain ground internationally, in turn leading to the creation of 120 new jobs.  Bluepharma is currently developing a new stronger, safer drug to treat cancer in collaboration with a start-up from the Group, Luzitin, and the University of Coimbra.
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