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Silicon Valley, 31 January 2013 - In an interview for Silicon Valley Business Journal's Newsletter "Startup Now", Kayvan Baroumand, the founder and CEO of the nestGSV, said that his Redwood City "ecobator" is growing faster than planned four months after it opened its doors, despite agreeing that there are probably too many programmes and incubators that have popped up in the start-up world.

Baroumand, the former chief operating officer at Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale and former president of Always On, said he is merging worlds, combining the ecosystem of governments, corporations, universities, angels and venture firms with the incubator/accelerator world. Hence the name of "ecobator."

His biggest partner is GSV Capital, the Woodside-based mutual fund that gives people a chance to own stock in VC-backed companies, even if they aren't wealthy enough to be accredited investors. The GSV in the name stands for Global Silicon Valley. In addition to the 50 start-ups that call nestGSV home, Baroumand is working with governments such as Canada, which has start-ups enrolled in his accelerator programme and big corporations like AT&T which recently held a hackathon at his site.

nestGSV is one of the most renowned Technology Innovation Centres in Silicon Valley and Rick Rasmussen, who currently manages International Business Development for nestGSV, was in Portugal to participate in the presentation of the Study and Recommendations for Entrepreneurship in Portugal and Silicon Valley, which took place on 28th January at the Centro Cultural de Belém.

Read the full interview on the Silicon Valley Business Journal website.
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