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Auditmark, Girissima, iM3DICAL , MyChild, PETsys Electronics and Wizdee are new tech-based start-ups selected, in the Call For Entrepreneurship program, for funding from Portugal Ventures.

AuditMark is a leading HTML5/JavaScript source code protection provider through its awarded product JScrambler, which has tens of thousands of customers in more than 50 countries around the world. “Web Applications are the present and future. We have them on desktop computers, on tablets, on smartphones and soon enough in our cars and home appliances. Millions of Apps installed on thousands of different devices executing HTML5/JavaScript will create huge security issues. With the investment from Portugal Ventures, we’ll provide the solution.”, said Rui Ribeiro, CEO and Co-Founder of AuditMark.

Girissima.com is a multibrand online boutique providing the latest fashion trends to chic and modern women all over the world. Its unique offering already attracts users from over 25 countries, mainly in Europe and increasingly recognized elsewhere. “Our goal is to provide our customers with what we call collectible fashion to love and to last which summarizes the passion we want to share with our clients, but also the seriousness with which we face our commitment to them and with the fair quality/price relationship”. Aytea A-Amandi Rezende, Girissima.com’s CEO.

iM3DICAL is an innovative Software as a Service platform that provides cloud-based solutions and services to manage and optimize medical imaging information. The company has a growing customer base in Portugal, where market validation has been achieved, and now plans to grow in international markets. “We are breaking the paradigms of conventional products by offering a solution that enables our customers to manage and optimize their diagnostic workflows, while adding mobility and availability to the service they provide. Our business model ensures flexibility to enable our customers to grow as they need.” stated Joao Guedes, iM3DICAL’s CEO.

MyChild is a parent engagement system and app that helps childcare centres and preschools to focus on child development instead of paperwork. It’s now easier than ever before to track children’s daily routines, share photos, create portfolios and engage parents with daily e-mail reports. Our clients are benefiting from increased parent engagement, higher retention of children and staff, and decreased costs. “We are proud to work with preschools and childcare chains both in Europe and in the US market, where we want to continue to grow and contribute to the academic, professional and social success of every child” said Hugo Augusto, MyChild’s CEO.

PETsys Electronics is focused on the development and production of photon detectors for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and other applications. PET is the medical imaging technique of reference in cancer detection and the medical community agrees that early detection leads to vastly improved cure rates. PETsys innovative detector technology allows for PET scanners with improved performance. “We have already demonstrated in clinical tests the best image resolution on the market (1.3 mm compared to 4-5 mm in current scanners), and we have new technology with an unprecedented time resolution of 250 picoseconds allowing for PET scanners with 3 times higher sensitivity”, said Joao Varela, CEO and co-founder.

Wizdee developed Wizdee Discovery, a disruptive business discovery solution. Wizdee Discovery is a self-service data analysis and exploration solution for business users, allowing them to make business queries in natural language, as simple as typing "count sales by vendor by month”, and get results that can be easily manipulated and visualized. "Allowing business users to create their own analysis in a simple and intuitive way, boosting productivity, is one of the major benefits of Wizdee Discovery, which leads to time and money savings for the company", Paulo Gomes, CEO and Co-founder, added.

The new investments that have now been realised by Portugal Ventures are the result of the Call for Entrepreneurship. The Call For Entrepreneurship is a dynamic and periodic initiative aimed at bolstering the Portuguese technology-based entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Call For Entrepreneurship aims to give innovative projects, especially those which are science and technology-based, access to venture capital investment in the initial stages of their business development. The projects selected by Portugal Ventures benefit from an investment of up to 750 thousand Euros (about 1 million USD), up to the maximum of 85% of total funding needs. Through this initiative, Portugal Ventures aims to invest around 20 million Euros per year. Some of the venture capital funds managed by Portugal Ventures are co-invested by the European Union through FINOVA, managed by PME Investimentos, COMPETE and POR LISBOA. The 6th Call For Entrepreneurship is now open and submissions will run till 27th February. All submissions are to be made through the Portugal Ventures website.


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