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Call for Entrepreneurship
Get Ready! Twelfth Call starts on 27th July!
Get Ready! Twelfth Call starts on 27th July!

Through its Call For Entrepreneurship initiative, Portugal Ventures has already financed 62 start-ups, helping them pursue their global ambition.

The sixteenth editions of the initiative have shown the ambition and dynamism of the Entrepreneurs' community. The reinforcement of the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem and improvement of the link between entrepreneurs, incubators, global investors and strategic partners is a continuous reality. The tremendous support from the Ignition Partners Network, more than 48 entities spread across the world, has been key in aiding and supporting the ambitious entrepreneurs in submitting their projects to the editions of the Call.

The Calls have received a fantastic response, check-out the numbers: 3,300 registrations on our web-based platform, 1060 submitted projects with a total potential investment of approximately 711 million Euros. This initiative is making the avaibility of venture capital investment a reality for innovative science and technology-based projects, and contributing to strengthening the Portuguese technology-based entrepreneurship ecosystem, encouraging the development of a modern, more competitive and open economy, based on knowledge, innovation and highly qualified human resources, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


In each Call, following project submission, an evaluation process gets under way, with the Portugal Ventures' Venture Capital team working hard to qualify and select the most promising investment opportunities. After that, the already selected projects are invited to prepare and present a live pitch presentation to, and have a Q&A session with, the expert reviewers.

The projects' assessment has already involved more than 350 experts from more than 20 different countries around the world (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, USA and others) and our Ignition Partners Network, other venture capital investors and Business Angels who share with us the seed and start-up investment target. We are grateful for having alongside us experts who have generously offered their experience, knowledge, time and effort to ensure the soundness and quality of our investment decisions. Get to know some of these experts here.