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Portugal Ventures in Boston
 Accelerate your start-up with us!

Portugal Ventures has established a center in Kendall Square at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).

At this accelerator, located in a leading innovation area, surrounded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard, and considered the world’s largest bio-cluster, Portuguese start-ups will be able to immerse themselves in the cultural environment of Kendall Square and CIC, leveraging the vast presence of world-class start-ups in its ecosystem, and capturing the strong drive for entrepreneurship that is engrained in the MIT culture.

Founded in 1999, the internationally recognized CIC, currently houses approximately 600 companies across 207,000 square feet in two adjacent office towers next to MIT, including incubators, accelerators and nearly one hundred MIT and Harvard spinouts. CIC has also been the destination of choice for major technology firms, including Google, looking to set up their East Coast presence. Referred to as “the most important building in Greater Boston, and for that matter the entire state", by the Boston Globe, CIC thus far tracked approximately USD $2 billion of venture capital investment into the companies that started at their center.
Portugal Ventures’ accelerator in Boston is open to companies and to the entire Portuguese technology-based entrepreneurship ecosystem.