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Tourism Dynamisation
  • To be undertaken through the creation of a new company, if it is already existing company, that is an innovation to its current business model; 
  • Contribute to the development of the tourism offer related to the country´s cultural and natural heritage, valuing aspects such as history, art, architecture, religious heritage, enotourism and gastronomy, outdoor sports or geotourism;  
  • Focus on the development of innovative tourism products and/or services, or tourist entertainment activities or ventures and accommodation, for the promotion of the country's cultural and natural heritage.
Types of investment:
  • Development of tourist entertainment activities and ventures, related to cultural/scenic heritage, such as travel guides and theme parks, exhibition spaces and museums, tourist experiences to discover territories or participation in activities with local agents, promotion of cultural events or those related with nature, as well as activities associated to the use of endogenous resources and the revitalisation of areas of cultural interest;
  • Projects associated to tourist accommodation, that are highly innovative and that have a direct connection to the promotion of culture or the environment;