To empower Portugal-based companies with high growth potential to develop and become success stories on a global scale, and to foster the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the development of innovative tech- nologies, capable of producing future world leading companies.


Innovative approach:

Because we have an approach aimed at adding value to our portfolio companies beyond the money we invest in them, our goal is to be recognised for the promotion of innovation and for the implementation of best practices in the companies we invest in, making them achieve new levels of performance and to become world references in their respective industries.

The creation of value in our portfolio companies is achieved through strategic advisement, the disciplined use of financing and active support to management, all complemented with a highly rated business network. We aim to improve the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy by investing in cutting edge industries and technologies.

Track record:

With expertise stemming from the three most representative venture capital firms in Portugal, comes a team and culture of excellence with a proven track record.

Portugal Ventures has an accumulated experience of over 20 years in supporting the development of more than 250 Portuguese companies at all stages of investment, leading them to higher growth rates, profitable trade-sales and IPOs. 

In our drive for excellence, we strive to form real partnerships with our entrepreneurs and stakeholders in general.

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