An active partnership based on capital investment and management support, focused on sales growth and the creation of value for the shareholders through a successful Trade-Sale or  IPO of our portfolio companies.


We invest in companies at all stages:

  • SEED

We make use of the best structured financing models to suit the needs of each project.
The inflow of funds is re-leased according to project performance.
We provide access to new investors, such as other venture capitalists, business angels and the like.

What's involved?

  • Management support focused on business growth
  • Advice & Business knowledge
  • Active partnerships
  • Project credibility in the market
  • Global networking
  • Access to new investors

Our business knowledge is based on the experience of over 250 past investments.
We actively engage in the search for business opportunities and foster cross-fertilisation between our portfolio companies; i
nfluencing entrepreneurs and managers to establish innovative processes focused on profit and success.

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