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Entrepreneurship in the Azores - FIAEA
Submissions end 1st September!
Submissions end 1st September!

FIAEA – Investment Fund to Support Entrepreneurship in the Azores, aims to contribute to the sustained development of the Azores’ economy, by stimulating entrepreneurship and valorising innovative projects, the driving force behind development and employment.

Target companies:
• Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), certified as such by IAPMEI, already incorporated or to be incorporated in the Azores, from various sectors, with less than 3 years of active business operations, and having met their Tax and Social Security obligations.

• Investment in early stage, start-up and spinoff companies, with high growth and valorisation potential, either through unique technology or innovation; and/or
• Investment in growth and expansion projects which have an innovative characteristic when it comes to tradable goods and/or which encourage the strengthening of the Azores’ exporting capacity.

Activity sectors of the project:
• Endogenous Resources (Energy and Environment, Agribusiness, Forest Industry, Ocean Industry), Nanotechnology and New Materials.
• Life Sciences (Biotechnology, New Technologies, Products and Services for Medical Assistance, Monitoring and Alert, Medical Devices).
• ICT (Information and Communications Technologies, Electronics and Social Web Concepts).
• Tourism.

• Up to €100,000 every 12 months, per company, usually with a minority share capital participation.

• Submissions open soon.

Evaluation process:
• Upon submission, it will carry out a preliminary assessment;
• The projects selected will then be assessed by a panel made up of both national and international expert advisors, followed by a Q&A session with the promoters.

Submissions open soon! Read the FIAEA Application Form (in Portuguese).

Other Documents:
- Rules and Regulations (in Portuguese)
- FAQs (in Portuguese)