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Global Start-up Program

Portugal Ventures has teamed up with the Portuguese Foundation For Science and Technology (FCT) to promote the international acceleration of its portfolio companies. FCT established and actively supports the Global Startup Program from The University of Texas at Austin, UT Austin. Portugal Ventures and the Global Startup Program are operating as a cross-functional team to actively develop and expand international revenue opportunities for select companies. 


Administered by the IC2 Institute (Innovation, Creativity and Capital) at UT Austin, the Global Startup Program offers a year-long business development and incubation program to assist companies in realizing their international potential more rapidly and economically. Using Austin, Texas, as their launchpad to the United States and the world, companies selected for the program will receive support from dedicated business development specialists and access to a seasoned advisory team exceeding 100 collective years of business development experience leading to more than $300M in realized deal value. These business development specialists will assist Portuguese entrepreneurs and innovators in:
  • Refining their product-market fit based on broad feedback from EU, US and other international markets;
  • Preparing their product for targeted market readiness;
  • Developing a commercialization strategy for international markets;
  • Facilitating first customer acquisition in US or other global markets;
  • Pursuing sales, partnership, distribution, co-development or in-kind service agreements;
  • Extending a Portuguese company financial “runway” through cash conserving strategies;
  • Obtaining an advisory network, composed of experts from industry, government and academia.
Company executives, founders, and key leaders must be willing to closely partner and deeply engage with the Global Startup Team to accomplish mutually agreed upon goals tailored to their venture. The CEOs, co-founders, and key leaders of these ventures should have the financial capacity to travel to the United States for short or long term stays to interface with the Global Startup Team in Austin to accelerate business proposition definition, develop market “pitches” and other collateral and meet with potential customers/partners where appropriate in the United States.
The applications are now closed. Applications were accepted from companies in all technology verticals that see an opportunity for international business expansion in their future.

For more information:

UT Austin - Portugal Program,
IC2 Institute The University of Texas at Austin,
2815 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas 78705 - USA

Phone: -1-512-475-8900
Contact: Marco Bravo