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Call for Entrepreneurship


  • Innovative and differentiated projects with significant global market potential, implementable with available resources.
  • Projects should be positioned in global value chains, be product-oriented (tradable goods and services) and based on scientific and technological R&D work referenced internationally.
  • Projects should be an original idea from the founders and the company has already or aim to have a significant footprint in Portugal.

Target Sectors:

  • ICT, Electronics & Web (Information and Communications Technology, Electronics and Social Web concepts).
  • Life Sciences (Biotechnology, new technologies, products and services for medical assistance, monitoring and alert, devices and equipment).
  • Endogenous Resources (Energy, Agri-food sectors, Forest industry and Ocean industry), Nanotechnologies and Materials.
  • Travel and Leisure Tech (Innovative support or services and/or products complementary to the traditional tourism offer).

Stage of the Projects:

  • Pre-Seed stage projects: should have a working prototype completed, that allows us to validate the practical application of the technology and/or business idea, and should have potential customers with a confirmed interest, even if the company has not yet made any sales.
  • Seed stage projects: should have some customers using its products, and be seeking funding to expand operations.
  • Venture stage projects (Start-up and Growth): should have an established product range and client base and be looking for incremental capital to expand into new geographies or product ranges.
The company's majority share capital will be held by the founders, and the syndication of the projects with other investors is encouraged.

For more information, read the full details of the Characteristics of the Projects, Application Form Information and the Rules and Regulations.