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10Setembro 2015
Third Portugal Ventures Day
Teatro Camões - Lisbon

The Third Portugal Ventures Day took place in Lisbon at Teatro Camões on 10 September, 2015. It was a meeting place open to all of those who are interested in taking part in the journey of Global Entrepreneurship.

We want to contribute to fostering the power of interaction and collective sharing among all the event’s participants, especially founders, partners, investors, advisors, and all of those who want to take their ambition and talent further through entrepreneurship and venture capital.
International keynote speakers shared unique insights into venture capital, global technology trends as well as provide a valuable overview of the international markets; and CEOs shared their endeavours in shaping up global businesses of the future. The highlights of the event included the Portugal Ventures Awards, recognising all those who have shined in their ventures, and a networking opportunity for the most active entrepreneurs.
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