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Vista Alegre Atlantis (VAA) has announced the inauguration of its first wholly-owned store in Angola and of another in China, where it had already opened a store, in Macau. The brand owned by the Visabeira Group and Portugal Ventures now has its own stores in six countries, namely in Spain, Tunisia, Mozambique and Belarus, and showrooms in Brazil and the United States of America. The brand is also preparing to open a store in Namibia.

According to VAA's press release, the store in Beijing is the result of a partnership with Beijing Jilihua International Trade Co and "is located in the You Yi Shopping City - Beijing Lufthansa Centre, one of the city's most prestigious department stores, situated in an influential area with a potential of approximately 30 million inhabitants".

The store in Luanda, Angola, is fruit of a partnership with the Ethosa Group, which was already responsible for the distribution of the brand's products in the country.

Read the full article by "Diário Económico" (in Portuguese).
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