The CALL FOR TOURISM aims to facilitate access to venture capital investment for Non-Tech to Tech based projects that contribute to the development of the tourist offering in Portugal to improve the tourist experience and/or the sector’s efficiency. This Call will favour projects that value history, art, architecture and the cultural and natural heritage. Projects should be promoted by companies which have already or aim to have headquarters in Portugal (mainland or islands), in the seed, startup or early stage.

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+General Project's Characteristics

  • Funding

    The investment made by Portugal Ventures shall be within a minimum amount of 300,000 euros and a maximum of 1,500,000 euros;

  • Initiative from the founders

    Must be an original concept from its Founders and should be led by them;

  • Location

    Projects should be promoted by companies which have already or aim to have a significant footprint in Portugal (mainland and islands) in the seed, startup or early stage phase that has not completed 7 full financial years up to date of investment;

+Non-Tech Project's Characteristics

  • Tourist entertainment activities:

    Related to cultural/landscape heritage, tourist experiences to discover territories as well as activities associated to the use of endogenous resources and the revitalisation of areas of cultural interest;

  • Innovative tourist accommodation

    Innovative tourist acommodation that have a direct connection to the promotion of culture or the enVironment;

  • International target-market

    The project's target-market must also include international markets;

+Tech Project's Characteristics

  • Innovative and differentiated

    Must already have developed a fully working prototype and preliminary feedback from the market;

  • Based on internationally referenced R&D

    Not be easily replicated by other players, and should be able to be validated by internationally renowned experts in science and technology;

  • Positioned on global value chains

    The project’s target-market cannot be limited to the Portuguese market, must be to progressively target international markets;

  • Product-oriented (tradable goods & services)

    Must offer a technology or product which is tradable in international markets;

  • Significant global market potential

    The project’s total available market should be in the order of one billion USD;

  • Appropriable Technology

    The project/technology must be susceptible to protection by a patent or trade secret;

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You can submit your project but the pre-screening analysis will only take place on the next edition of the Call For Tourism.

  • Pre-screening: feedback 10 days after online application;

  • Term Sheet proposal: up to 90 days after pre-screening.

You can also count on the support of our partners - Ignition Partners Network - who are available to help you throughout the application process and in completing the submission form. Please check here our network.

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Please contact us at or through our Ignition Partners NetworkEach partner is fully committed to support and guide entrepreneurs in the preparation and qualification of their projects. 

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