The initiative aims to facilitate the access to venture capital investment for innovative projects encompassing technologies, products or services to create an MVP to the global market. Investment operations in projects based on differentiating and unique innovations, with a working prototype and with feedback from the market, albeit tentative, will be favoured so that, at a later stage, the prototype can be adjusted to market needs and the corresponding business model can be designed. If in the case of an already established companies must be located in the North, Central or Alentejo regions, outside Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Algarve and the two autonomous regions, in the seed stage, startup or early stage.

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+Innovative and unique projects

For projects to be eligible for the Call For MVP they must be based on an innovation which is distinctive and unique, bearing in mind international state-of-the-art, and they must already have developed a fully working prototype and preliminary feedback from the market. Preference will be given to projects based on disruptive technology.

+Based on internationally referenced R&D

Projects must be a result of an innovative process (a deliberative process to create a new technology, process or object, or an improvement on technologies, pre-existent process and objects). The differentiation afforded by the innovation should not be easily replicated by other players, and should be able to be validated by internationally renowned experts in science and technology.

+Implementable with available resources

In the current funding round: the investment made by Portugal Ventures shall be considered,with an indicative cap amount of 1,000,000 euros and a floor amount of 300,000 euros.

+Initiative from the Founders

Projects submitted to Portugal Ventures must be an original concept from its Founders and should be led by them.

A case-by-case assessment will be made on the eligibility of projects that are submitted by Founders who do not have the necessary skills to head up the project, namely if said Founders recommend a suitable replacement or if it is possible to recruit someone with the necessary skills and availability to assume leadership of the project.

The eligibility of projects that are not an original concept from the Founders will also be assessed on a case-by-case basis, namely in order to assess to what extent it will affect the development of the product/technology being offered.

+Positioned in global value chains

The project’s target-market cannot be limited to the Portuguese market - its goal must be to progressively target international markets as well. In addition, the project must allow for the appropriation of a significant portion of the value generated in the respective value chain (by global value chain we mean the chain/sequence of value added activities occurring in the various stages of a product, from its inception up until end use).

+Product-oriented (tradable goods & services)

In order to maximise the project’s scalability, the projects must offer a technology or product which is tradable in international markets. The eligibility of projects based on tradable services in international markets will be analysed on a case-by-case basis

+Significant global market potential

The project’s total available market should be in the order of one billion USD.

+Appropriable technology

The project/technology must be susceptible to protection by a patent or trade secret in order to avoid it being replicated by other players.


If the case of an already estalished companies must be located in the North, Central or Alentejo regions, outside Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Algarve and the two autonomous regions in the seed stage, startup or early stage that not have 3 completed economic anual exercises up to the date of investment, from when they began operations.

Companies located in the Alentejo region that are developing new products and/or services (second round) and which haven’t been operating in any market for more than 7 years since their first commercial sale.

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You can submit your project but the pre-screening analysis will only take place on the next edition of the Call For MVP. 

  • Pre-screening: feedback 10 days after online application;

  • Term Sheet proposal: up to 60 days after pre-screening.

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Please contact us at submissions@portugalventures.pt or through our Ignition Partners Network. Each partner is fully committed to support and guide entrepreneurs in the preparation and qualification of their projects. 

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