EGG Electronics: A Success Story at Amazon



EGG Electronics, a Portuguese start-up founded in May 2013 in Porto de Mós in the district of Leiria, is a success story on Amazon that allowed entry to new markets: Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

EGG has been in Amazon Launchpad since August 2017 with its "EGG PowerStation" product. The Amazon Launchpad mission is to support start-ups with knowledge and a global product sales and distribution structure for customers from this worldwide reference platform. In the first phase, sales were concentrated in the German and French markets, but quickly expanded to the Italian and Spanish markets, selling more than 1,000 EGG PowerStations.

This important step in product dynamisation and sales has brought the recognition of EGG Electronics worldwide and Brand awareness. "For EGG Electronics, it is essential to be present on a digital platform such as Amazon, a vehicle that reaches millions of users and is currently present in the largest markets in Europe, corresponding to 255 million habitants. What makes this experience even more exciting is that EGG is part of Amazon's program for the best start-ups in the world, where all products sold and presented are cured by its own. Portugal Ventures was the one who put us in touch and the whole process came about the support and innovation of our investment partner. EGG Electronics is one of the few Portuguese start-ups and Portugal Ventures portfolio company present at Amazon's Launchpad, which makes us extremely proud and dedicated to this unique opportunity. "

By 2018 the EGG Electronics team intends to consolidate its position in the Portuguese market and strengthen the international market by entering new markets and launching new EGG PowerStation products and upgrades. "EGG has a" keep it simple" differentiating factor, which makes our product and pipeline “fit” to a number of large markets. Our biggest challenge is to stay focused on the key channels and to the continuous requests. We are looking forward to achieve our goal for 2018, exceed one million in revenues by large retail, online and B2B. ", said Ricardo Roque, COO of EGG Electronics.

During the last edition of the Web Summit, EGG Electronics was one of the Portuguese start-ups highlighted with a great demand to get to know its product, which made it possible to obtain numerous contacts of potential clients and investors. In 2017, EGG partnered with Web Summit through its organizing company Cilabs, as one of the event charging sponsors with EGG PowerStations available throughout all the space, enabling continued collaboration with Cilabs for its worldwide events.