Digital Identification

Gil Rodrigues

Member of the Strategic Coordination Committee – Internationalisation

Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda

Digital identity is a core component of the proper functioning of increasingly digital societies as it provides clear evidence of a person’s identity for different public and private services to be delivered online or via mobile apps, securely and remotely.

Value creation in the economy is increasingly driven by digital platforms, making it essential for the identity of all stakeholders to be verified in a secure and convenient manner and leveraging emerging technologies such as cryptography, biometrics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT).

To unlock the potential of digital identification an innovative collaboration is needed between the public and private sectors, providing duly accredited legal and technical frameworks, while ensuring that the solutions implemented are accessible and linked to the services that people use most often.

To meet this challenge, digital identification must be universal and voluntary, service providers must accept it, and users must be given control over their identity and data.

With centuries of experience, INCM’s “tradition of innovation” offers a unique know-how in the development of more secure and convenient digital identification solutions for governments, citizens and businesses around the world.