Call Agrotech Bio Economy

What is Call AgroTech BioEconomy

The Call Agrotech BioEconomy invests between 300 thousand euros and one million euros in innovative, science-based and technological projects that develop technologies (hardware and software) or heavily innovative products will be contemplated with the aim of improving the efficiency and productivity of agricultural, farming and agro-industry activities, that promote innovative solutions to stimulate the competitiveness of the main value chains and the development of the economic growth of this sector.

Submissions open soon.

Open Day

If your project doesn’t fit to this call we are available to meet in person with the promoters in order to get to know their projects, presenting suggestions or recommendations so you ca better respond to our investment strategy. To this end, please fill in the form here, attaching a pitch deck of your project.

Your Project Should have:

  • prototype
  • preliminary feedback from the market
  • preferably with the first clients raised

Your Startup/Company Must be:

  • Portuguese or with registered offices our business in Portugal;
  • companies must be located in the North, Central or Alentejo regions, outside Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Algarve;
  • have not been operating for more than 3 years since the of commencement of activity, until the moment of Portugal Ventures investment;
  • companies located in the North, Central or Alentejo region in the development stage (second round) of new products and/or services, with a focus on innovation have operated in any market for less than 7 years since its first commercial sale.


Agro Industry

Biological Farming

Forest Protection and Management

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Irrigation and Optimisation of Water


Organic Livestock Farming

Plant Protection and Phytochemistry


Sustainable Food

Our timeline:

  • Pre-screening: feedback 15 days after online application;
  • Term-Sheet proposal: up to 90 days after pre-screening.

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