From Azores to the World!

Four companies from our portfolio are based in the Azores and with different activities that help to leverage the business dynamism of the autonomous region, thus allowing to maintain jobs and opportunities to establish business for the locals but also for those looking for a far away lifestyle from big cities and with more contact with nature.

Know a little more about each one and how our investment was important for the growth of your business.

Azores Touch is a company created in 2016  and is represented by a young and dynamic team. The areas of the company include rental car, tourist entertainment and the large slice that is the management of local accommodation. The purpose of this company is to provide the best possible experience for those who visit them from arrival to departure by demonstrating as much possible of what is local. Our mission is to facilitate access to all available services and activities (some of them which are exclusive!) so that people’s holidays, in contact with our nature, culture, history and people are unforgettable. It’s headquarters is on Terceira Island and has already expanded to Graciosa Island.  In the future they intend to expand to other islands and reach a wider range of people.

“The entry of Portugal Ventures in the capital of Azores Touch allowed us to create the conditions to structure the company’s business in a different way from what was being done during the company’s start-up period, namely: the existence of a partner to support the growth process business in a long-term perspective; Reinforcement of the company with funds that allows to alleviate the financial effort of making investments in this phase of installation of the company in the market; Possibility of opening institutional channels to promote and publicity the company’s activities; develop business planning and management skills, with the creation of management tools that allow better control of the evolution of the business; and being a partner that represents the Portuguese State, allows the Azores Touch project to position itself as a Project that intends to sell the Azores Brand in the world, as destinations of excellence for nature tourism, agro-tourism and experience tourism.” – Sérgio Cota, CEO.

Cereal Games was founded in 2014 and it’s a  company specialises mainly in the development of serious and educational games. It has developed several games using technologies such Augmented Reality, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to meet the demand of local authorities, schools, museums and scientific observation centres in the region.

In a transition phase of Cereal Games, the investment by Portugal Ventures / Azores Ventures allowed us to create conditions so that we could embrace projects of a more global nature. With the financial pad available, we were able to increase the team and work on several fronts of our most recent project, the Pecaminosa game – the Pixel Noir Game. The development of a game is a creative process that needs time and financial space to have results. Portugal Ventures’ participation allowed us to have this space. Less than a year after this investment, we have started to have very positive feedback on our bet abroad. This international recognition, reinforces our convictions in this project, and opens doors for the future.” – Lázaro Raposo, CEO.

Yara Pets is a business that develops and markets innovative and patentable products for commercialisation in the domestic animals sector. It is currently focusing on an innovative and patented (Europe and USA) sand box for cats.

YaraPets was born from an invention with international market expectations, so the network and investment needs were important for the idea to develop to be successful. The entry of Portugal Ventures in the capital of the company fulfilled a significant part of these needs, becoming a partner of great added value for the project. The support and role of Portugal Ventures has been extended to almost all areas of the company’s operation, assuming, in full, its role as a project partner, not only in the act of macro management, but also in all the support it has necessary to pursue the objectives set, also together. All the support from Portugal Ventures so far has allowed us to consolidate the stages in execution and to aspire more to the project and its potential. Today we look to the future with a lot of optimism, with increased confidence and above all, with greater security, thanks to our new partner, Portugal Ventures, and the people who assume the fund’s dialogue with the company.” – Dúnio Couto, CEO.

Located on Terceira Island, the Azores, Asinus Atlanticus was established in 2012 that aims the processes of extraction, transformation and exportation of donkey’s milk and hopes to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity in the region, by rediscovering the value of this endangered species. Donkey’s milk has been used for centuries for its anti-aging properties. It is said that Cleopatra used to bathe in donkey’s milk to preserve the elasticity and youth of her skin. The properties of donkey’s milk are: rejuvenation, soft exfoliation, anti-aging, it balances oil production of the skin, provides a clean, homogeneous and rested skin and is the ideal substitute for mother’s milk.

“Portugal Ventures entered at Asinus in a critical stage and above all it has been a demanding partner that has helped us to mature our business vision and the perspective of how to improve even in a phase when everything was going well.” – Marcos Couto, CEO.