Onecare – Intellicare – SmartMonitoring

Big Idea

OneCare solutions aims to be European solution most chosen to support elderly people with some kind of dependency by delivering quality services for health and wellness promotion of them and their caregivers. Smart Monitoring mission is to use of ICT technologies to address a better care to the ones who had took care of us by allowing our relatives to live with comfort, autonomy, safety and perceived being close their beloved ones. OneCare is an innovative system for monitoring elderly daily life activities and provide neurocognitive stimulation games. It is focused at filling a gap on existing Ambient Assisted Living solutions by promoting social interaction and mobility of its end-users using gamification and artificial intelligence. It is a powerful tool for caregivers track insights about care status and progress on health indicators, helping them to delay seniors’ institutionalization.

Activity Highlights

  • Prize for Good Active and Healthy Aging Practices, in the Knowledge + area, CCSCRC


Marta Pinto

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Maio