What Doinn has done to make local accommodation a safe choice

Business expansion to rural and coastal areas to meet increased domestic demand 

After lockdown, last summer saw a significant uptake in domestic tourism. That’s why we decided to expand our business to rural and coastal destinations, both in Portugal and in Spain, and, as a result, Doinn’s operations outside of major cities grew exponentially.  

In Portugal, in the summer of 2020, Doinn began to offer its services in Madeira, in towns in Minho and central Portugal, and in Troia and Comporta. In Spain, we concentrated our services in the coastal region of Costa Brava, Costa Blanca and Costa Dorada, to name but a few. 

Certified cleaning and disinfection with a special seal of approval 

Doinn has always been committed to professional quality and from day one has focused on cleaning services, including disinfection. The pandemic raised the bar even higher and in April of this year we launched a more comprehensive certified cleaning and disinfection service that includes the use of highly effective disinfectants and, of course, the use of PPE.  

We also provide customers who use our services with a “Certified Cleanliness by Doinn” seal of approval for their establishments. The seal includes a QR Code that forwards users to a web page with a detailed description of our cleaning protocols. More comprehensive and diligent services and procedures that ensure not only public health for all, but also benefit our customersboosting the confidence of holidaymakers and the safety of their establishments. 

Diversified customer base 

As a specialist in cleaning and laundry technologies, Doinn offers solutions for local lodging establishments and a host of other facilities, such as student housing, offices and private homes. We recommend that local accommodation managers also consider these markets and perhaps adapt their facilities and services to the specific needs of these potential segments.  

What lies ahead? Weekend getaways 

Even in uncertain times we need to take a break and to relax, preferably in a different and more relaxed environment. At Doinn we believe that the local accommodation sector, particularly on the outskirts of major cities, has a lot to offer, especially for those who are looking for short stays, or even just one night. Products must be designed with these types of stays in mind, offering customers experience packages that add value to their weekend getaway. 

Weronika Figueiredo, Co-founder and Manager at Doinn