Portugal revealed to the world.

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Portugal revealed to the world.

Times have definitely changed for the best in Portugal.

We feel an optimistic “aura” among people and that is starting to be seen across borders. We are more optimistic, more confident and have more and better ideas - tourist and entrepreneurs that visit Portugal leave with a great feeling and spread the world. We all started to value the small things that make Portugal unique, we know what to say and promote the country in a very most positive way. In my opinion, optimism is what is creating a boom in tourism and in the way people see Portugal.

Tourism creates opportunities for businesses and startups that are emerging to provide more and better information, new services and “rip” language limitations. This, of course, is helping to build bridges across countries. People come to Portugal to visit it but some quickly become Investors or move to Portugal after getting to know what it has to offer.

With all these opportunities and value, Zomato decided to have its European headquarters in Portugal in 2015. From Portugal, we launched Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and sent some people of the team to India, UAE, Qatar, UK, Brazil, Chile and Australia. Portugal has been crucial for Zomato’s growth and is a “pilot” market to test product and new strategies to then implement in other markets.

These are the key factors I believe that make Portugal special:

1 - We have a privileged location with great flight connections. This makes easier for any company or entrepreneur to expand, scale, learn and commute.

2 - Great and affordable talent - this is even more important for new startups that need talented resources that are willing to join for smaller starting salaries but with possibility to get equity.

3 - Most people speak more than one language, which helps in communication and faster adaptation to new cultures and visions.

4 - We still have great relations with most of portuguese ex-colonies, which can be helpful to “open doors” to scale up and make the internationalization easier.

5 - Portugal is a tech savvy country with amazing internet access and coverage. Most people have smartphones and internet access, that make us a very good market to test and implement new ideas and tech products.

We can also recognize that startups that are “born” in Portugal have one unique characteristic: most of them start with a international expansion plan from day one. Due to the Portuguese market size, scaling and international expansion is needed - this prepares them to serve in more than one language and delight a broader band of users.

The point of time we live today, is full of opportunities. It's the right time to launch new ideas, be disruptive and shake the market.  Not only we can aim for the Portuguese market as well as a huge range of tourists that might have specific needs.

I believe it’s a great time to push for lifestyle, food, tourism, culture products and others, as people look for options online everyday. Many of the decisions of tourists are made with a smartphone in hand. This creates a huge opportunity for anyone who has a good idea, and has the knowledge to develop and implement in perfection.

If timing is a factor that matter in business, I would surely say the time is now to Reveal Portugal to the world.

By Miguel Alves Ribeiro

Head of Growth Zomato Europe