This was Videobserver’s first time at Web Summit.

The first surprise came during the registration process. Due to their excellent performance to date, event organisers earmarked Videobserver for the START programme, which is dedicated to start-ups that have already reached the international growth and expansion phase: more than 3000 users, distribution in more than 40 countries and 5 continents, 27% quarterly growth since 2014 and 36% monthly growth in the North American market in 2017. This gave them the possibility of pitching at Growth Summit, and increased exposure in a selected area, including the arrangement of meetings with possible investors.

The first day coincided with our first exhibition day and it was really intense, with endless enquirers, one after another, and even queues at some points. Four members of the team were present. Some of the contact established where investors attracted to the sport and analytics markets, two key trends for global investors.

During the three days we have meetings promoted by Web Summit, that had undergone a filtering and selection process by the investors.

The networking evenings were interesting, even though the people we spoke to weren't always the ones who could help us, so it was the luck of the draw. Nevertheless, we made some interesting contacts, particularly in the North American and Chinese markets, as well as a contact in the advanced video analysis field for potential cooperation, focusing on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

We kicked-off an initial agreement with IBM, to use Watson and to begin experimentation with artificial intelligence and deep learning in our processes.

Our participation in the event certainly produced positive results, giving us more visibility and direct contacts with potential investors, which we will maintain to achieve the results that all start-ups seek: international investment rounds to Videobserver’s international expansion.