Green Innovations joins Portugal Ventures and Critical Ventures as a shareholder of Coimbra Genomics

 The digital health start-up company Coimbra Genomics has just raised an investment of 2.4 million euros from the impact investor Green Innovations. Green Innovations joins Portugal Ventures and Critical Ventures as main shareholders of the company. This investment will enable Coimbra Genomics to accelerate the expansion of their digital platform ELSIE to international markets.

ELSIE, a software tool supporting clinical decisions based on full sequencing of the genome from patients, brings genomic medicine to modern healthcare. Through an easy to use platform with a system developed in collaboration with physicians and genetic laboratories, personalised diagnosis and prognosis reports are generated in a safe, secure and efficient way, with treatments and prescriptions adapted to the patient´s genomic information.

For Bruno Soares, CEO of Coimbra Genomics, “this is one more step in our commercial development path, with the ultimate objective of turning ELSIE into the world leading platform that carries reliable genomic information to the physician, whenever it can improve the quality of healthcare”.

The new chairman of the company, Professor Carlos Faro, reinforced the message: “I believe CBRA Genomics offers something unique. With this investment, we expect to fulfil our potential and increase the brand strength through the global commercial expansion of the business. This will be our primary strategic and operational focus in 2018.”.

For Celso Guedes de Carvalho, CEO of Portugal Ventures, “we continue to see an enormous lack of investors in the Life Sciences area taking into account the Portuguese ecosystem. The entry of Green Innovations in the market is very welcome and the investment announced for our shareholding Coimbra Genomics will allow the company to guarantee additional funds to reinforce the commercial activity, consolidate the internationalisation process and disseminate the regular usage of genomic information in clinical practice.”.

About Coimbra Genomics

Coimbra Genomics is a Portuguese start-up that aims to bring personalised medicine to the consulting rooms of all physicians. It has developed ELSIE, an easy to use digital platform that enables the physician to generate personalised diagnosis and prognosis reports in a safe, secure and efficient way, adapting the treatment plan and prescriptions taking into account the patient´s genomic information. ELSIE is being used in Germany, Finland, Brazil and Portugal. For more information, please visit or contact us at

About Green Innovations

Green Innovations is a global impact investor specializing in large-scale, long-term projects that provide solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges. Its portfolio includes companies in sectors such as green technology, biotechnology, agriculture, housing, water, energy, telecom and education. In Portugal, Green Innovations is undertaking a systemic investment approach towards Biotechnology and Life Sciences, aiming to exploit the untapped economic potential of a sector that is filled with high-quality talent possessing an international mindset. Acquisition of Biocant Park was the first step to creating a uniquely integrated platform that fosters innovation and business development along the entire value-chain, from pre-seed to maturity.