Nutrium has designed software for nutritionists and patients to work together, online and in real time.

Nutrium is now part of Portugal Ventures’ Life Sciences portfolio, with an initial approved investment which could amount to 400 thousand euros, upon achievement of the established milestones. This the third investment Portugal Ventures has made in the Health sector this year.

Primavera SA and SBS - StartupBraga co-invested with Portugal Ventures, with a total investment amount of 575 thousand euros.

Nutrium sells software that allows nutritionists to create personalised meal plans for their patients, with automatic calculation of nutritional values, and online and real-time monitoring of results achieved.

The 10,000 registered nutritionists, in more than ten countries, and the partnership with the Portuguese Nutrition Association and the Brazilian Association of Nutrition, are what drive the creation of the world’s most important nutrition platform.

For André Santos, CEO of Nutrium: “Portugal Ventures was the investor that believed in our project from the start and that we believe will be by our side in the challenges that lie ahead for growth and internationalisation”.

For Portugal Ventures’ CEO, Celso Guedes de Carvalho “Our mission is to bridge the gaps in the domestic venture capital market, and Life Sciences is a priority. Portugal Ventures’ investment in Nutrium will accelerate the company's growth in new markets, and gives it needed resources to create a benchmark nutrition platform for nutritionists and their patients".

For Co-CEO of Primavera SA, José Dionisio: “We have been with Nutrium’s project since day one, in its incubation at Startup Braga, and it was clear that here was a group of young entrepreneurs who were very confident about the project they were launching. Today, after almost two years, with a product that is already on the market and customers registering every day, we are pleased to have Portugal Ventures and Startup Braga on board as investors and, at the same time, PRIMAVERA reinvesting in the project.

For Director of SBS - StartupBraga, Carlos Oliveira: “Nutrium is an excellent example of Braga’s dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and the potential to create spin-offs from Minho University. Created from the ground up and incubated at StartupBraga, Nutrium is the kind of investment that the SBS - StartupBraga investment vehicle wishes to support. Startups in the seed phase that need financing to accelerate their growth.”