CEO Challenge - Noelia Novella

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Life is full of choices and there are always concessions to be made, but I prefer to talk about what I have gained. Becoming a mother made me a better professional, and I cannot stress enough the importance of remaining ourselves and not trying to emulate men; we do not have to hide who we are!

At my children’s school, they call my husband if there is an emergency, and I had to hire a nanny (a manny, in fact) to help out with our kids and the household tasks.

I was raised to take care of my children and here I am. Where there is a will, there is a way. We can reach as high as we want.

I believe in meritocracy, high self-efficacy, performing our tasks well, and making things happen. I regard success as a direct result of one’s own drive and ability – not external factors, and definitely not gender distinctions.

So, why is just one out of 20 top management positions in Fortune 500 corporations occupied by women? Because many of them still do not feel in control, but instead as victims of fate, luck, and chance, and because it is not easy to understand how the business world has worked until now, with senseless decisions made on a golf course.

“I have the freedom and the opportunity to help many cleaners out of the black market, which makes me proud”

Well, I don´t play golf, and neither do any of the Doinners, but we work hard to have an amazing platform that provides professional cleaning and laundry services to vacation rental property managers. We have provided more than 35,000 services in 2 years, and our clients include most of the big players in this industry.

When it comes gains and concessions, I only spend three hours per weekday (and the entire weekend) with my children, but I have the freedom and the opportunity to help many cleaners out of the black market, which makes me proud, and I have the opportunity to work with the top professionals we have at Doinn.

My children (a boy and a girl) have learned that there are no gender distinctions, just people with different goals in life.