Jscrambler offers security products to protect web and mobile applications against malicious attacks. It is the number one security solution to tamper proof web applications. Its flagship product is the leader in JavaScript Application Security and the only client-side RASP solution to make apps self-defensive and resilient to tampering and reverse-engineering. It secures the integrity of the user´s Application from runtime JavaScript and HTML5 code modifications, avoiding data leakage and damages to the users´ reputation. The Webpage Integrity module also enables the detection and removal of code injections, MITB attacks, DOM-tampering and data exfiltration on the client-side in real-time. Jscrambler is used in more than 150 countries and has so far been trusted by more than 30.000 companies and individuals Worldwide, including Fortune 500 businesses, in a number of sectors including Finance, Advertising, Media and Gaming.

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Website: https://jscrambler.com/