Electrifying every Van, Truck, Trailer and Container Refrigeration Unit

Big Idea

AddVolt presents the World’s 1st Plug-in Electrical system targeted for transportation markets. With our patented technology, transportation companies with refrigeration units can use electrical energy to reduce diesel dependence, the level of noise and the CO2 emissions during its operation. AddVolt creates high and positive impacts on the driver’s quality of life, while it contributes to have eco-friendly vehicles.

Year Founded


Year Invested

Seed funding by 2bpartner in 2014. In the year 2017, AddVolt gets an international investment from Abacus Alpha and Portugal Ventures.


Automotive; Electrical Mobility; Energy & Transportation



Activity Highlights

Recently, AddVolt showcased its products at IAA 2018, the largest exhibition of heavy duty commercial vehicles, in Europe.

During the IAA 2018 AddVolt received the Trailer Innovation 2019 award for Environment category, a recognition of AddVolt’s contribution for a sustainable transportation.

AddVolt has certified the Management Quality System under ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Rheinland as well as the assembly line in compliant with CoP (Conformity of Production). This patented technology is also compliant with the automotive standard ECE-R10 and CE certification.

Team (management team)

The company was composed of 4 founders: Bruno Azevedo (CEO), Miguel Sousa (CTO), Ricardo Soares (COO), Rodrigo Pires (CCO), who are all Electrical Engineers.