Treat U

TreatU is a drug development company focused on targeted strategies for subtypes of cancer that represent unmet medical needs. It develops functionalized drug delivery nanoparticles directed to novel biomarkers in the tumor microenvironment.

It developed a proprietary generation of nanotechnology lipid-based platforms for drug delivery, with application in cancer therapy to target specifically a biomarker overexpressed in solid tumors that is not yet clinically explored. This protein is called nucleolin and is found in the nucleus of normal cells. However in cancer cells and in tumor angiogenic blood vessels, there is an overexpression at the surface of the cellular membrane. Taking this into consideration, TreatU created nucleolin-targeted platforms for drug delivery, based on a ligand-receptor interaction and combining pH-triggered delivery of the payload inside the cells. Their pipeline includes PEGASEMP™ that delivers one drug (doxorubicin) and NanoDoxer™ that delivers a synergistic combination of two drugs (doxorubicin and ceramide). They have also developed an immune-based nanobody structure to target nucleolin. 

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