Novel opportunities for the treatment of solid tumors

Big Idea

TREAT U’s mission is to improve the health of cancer patients by increasing therapeutic efficacy and reducing the incidence of adverse side effects, thereby reducing treatment costs for the healthcare system. TREAT U’s lead product, PEGASEMP, is a drug delivery nanotechnology-based platform that specifically targets the cancer cells and blodd vessels that nurture the tumor.

Year Invested


Activity Highlights

Intellectual Property

  • Family of 3 patents granted in USA and EU
    • US8231895B2; EP229119
    • US8529944B2
    • US8741338B2
  • 1 PPA filed September 2018


  • Orphan Drug designation for PEGASEMP™ in the treatment of malignant mesothelioma
    • European Medicine Agency, 2017
    • Food and Drug Administation, 2018




Pre clinical. Series A


Vera Moura, PharmD, PhD – CEO; Sérgio Simões, PharmD, PhD – Chairman; João Nuno Moreira, PharmD, PhD – Scientific Advisor.

Portugal Ventures Investment Manager

Raúl Saraiva