Financing Portal

The “Financing Portal” is an initiative that is part of the Capitalize Program and integrates in a single portal the set of publicly supported financing solutions to help companies, especially SMEs, in the various phases of their activity and investment.

The presentation of the various financing solutions is structured according to the needs of companies and their investment strategies (growth, expansion, export, capitalization, etc.), business size or sector of activity. It is intended, therefore, to present the solutions according to the investor profile and business characteristics, as well as to identify the agents responsible for its operation.

The different financing solutions involve Mutual Guaranteed Credit, Credit Insurance, Venture Capital, Business Angels, Co-Investment Funds, Real Estate Investment Funds, as well as tax incentives for corporate investment and capitalization.   With the launch of the Financing Portal, this aggregated information will be accessible through the IAPMEI website, providing financing and capitalization solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Mid Cap, as well as their conditions and requirements. transparent and accessible.